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Need to effectively manage the people who come in and out of your premises?

Our biometric door access control systems will help ensure only the authorized people can enter the different restricted areas of your home or office. At Secure Office, we can install a variety of access control systems that will fit your security requirements.

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Want a security system that does more than just set off an alarm?

A CCTV solution will record any suspicious activities that may happen in your home, office or building. Our high-definition CCTV cameras will keep a keen eye on your property 24/7, serving both as prevention and a reliable way to capture criminals and malicious activities committed against you. All our CCTVs are now equipped with Mobile Viewing app to view your CCTV footage from anywhere in the world.


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CCTV Company offers a wide selection of CCTV systems and cameras designed for security purposes in a variety of residential and commercial environment.

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Our office security specialists can create a solution from our range of products that’s especially designed according to your home security requirements.

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Theft can happen anywhere, especially in busy business environment. Secure Office provides a wide selection of commercial security systems to help business owners protect their customers, assets and employees.

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Apartment buildings continually change tenants, while commercial buildings may hold offices of different companies with employees strangers to each other. The risk of vandalism and theft is high; that’s why you need high-quality security cameras.

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Keeping Your Office Secure With Various Types of Biometric Systems

Your office is not just a place of work for you and your employees, but also a significant investment with all kinds of physical and virtual assets, be they the computers you and your employees need to do work on, or the data and software stored inside them – and this makes them worth protecting.

Why Your Office Security Matters

Protecting your office doesn’t just mean keeping assets safe and minimizing the risk of a security breach. It’s also about investing in a system that’s convenient, versatile, and scalable in providing accurate identification and accountability—think of being able to identify staff at the gate via thumbnail authentication. Wouldn’t that provide maximum security to your company?

Traditional security systems, such as PIN passwords and ID systems, are on their way out. They’re not just easier to open or duplicate, but can even compromise your office’s security in the long run.

To secure your assets, and your business as a whole, you need the right protection – and this is where the biometric identification comes in.

What You Need to Know About Biometric Systems

Protecting your business starts with the right kind of security system, and the right security system starts with biometrics.

A biometric is a biological measurement that computers can use to identify individuals, like fingerprints, facial sensor, and even iris recognition. Because biometric fingerprint and recognition is unique to each person, they are not only difficult to forge or steal, but they also serve as better form of identification.

Computers are able to take advantage of this by detecting these measurements, and then record and encode them into a specific set of data prints. This data can then be stored and synched with an existing database, so every time an employee steps into the office, they are recognized and authorized to enter the premise. Plus, with the system’s time recorder, you get to monitor the log ins and outs of each employee in your company.

Get to Know the Different Biometric and Door Access Systems

There are different biometric data types that machines can use in order to recognize specific people, such as the following:

  • Thumbprint biometric Thumbprints are essentially unique to each individual thanks to the ridges and valleys on the surface tips of each individual thumb. Because of this, they are extremely reliable, and they are even one of the oldest ways of authenticating people.

  • Facial biometric Like thumbprints, faces are also a unique set of visual biometric data prints; and facial recognition technology use local feature analysis to authenticate a person’s identity.

  • Voice Recognition Another biometric that can be used is the human voice, and because people’s voices are unique, their pitches also have a unique signature that can be encoded into a data pattern and recognized.

  • Eye Recognition There are two things that computers can look for in analyzing eyes: the iris, which has its own distinct features for every individual, and the vein patterns around the sclera, which is the white part surrounding the iris.

You can also get more traditional forms of door access that’s equipped with door entry timestamp when it comes to selective access for specific areas in your office or building. These are two of the most commonly used types:

  • Card Access The use of scanning radio frequency identification (RFID) in order to open doors has been around for a while, and you see this not just in doors but also in things like ATM machines because of how they use a unique magnetic signature.

  • PIN Access One way to secure your office floor or building without the need for an external device is to use a password.

5 Benefits of Having a Biometric System

There’s every reason why you should get biometric with alarm and biometric time attendance systems. However, when it comes to getting high quality structure, you don’t just get improved security and better accountability for you and your employees, you also get all kinds of benefits, such as the following:

  • Efficiency Biometric systems are designed to be easy to use and give accurate results when you need to track time and attendance of employees with minimal effort required. And because they function quickly, they also increase productivity in the workplace.

  • Convenience The very design of a biometric system makes it easy to use for both employees and managers. Moreover, a centralized biometric can be used as time attendance module integrated with payroll for more convenient payroll management.

  • Versatility Biometric systems can be used pretty much everywhere, such as entrances and exits, and even doorways to high-security areas.

  • Scalability It’s important to have a system that you can scale according to your business’s needs, which biometric systems are perfectly capable of doing with ease.

  • Profitability Implementing a control access of staff is effective at avoiding fraud. Therefore, you not only protect your office from a potential security breach, but you also save more money by preventing any chance of theft and fraud.

Common Challenges with Traditional Security Systems

When trying to secure your office with a door access control system, you’ll eventually find problems that need to be solved to lower the risk of a breach. These are some of the common challenges you’ll find with traditional security solutions:

  • Forgetting the PIN or ID Traditional types of authentication systems, such as PIN system and access ID card, don’t always work when you need them to. In the case of ID cards, there’s always the possibility of them getting lost or stolen.

    PIN passwords can also be forgotten, and without someone who remembers the password, it may be difficult for people to enter specific areas they need to be, and this can cut down productivity.

  • PIN or ID not reading correctly PIN keypads can sometimes break or not all people can be informed of the current change in password, and ID cards can be corrupted when exposed to certain frequencies, signals, or magnetic fields.

Intercom System for Your Business

Traditionally speaking, an office intercom device is a standalone voice system that is used within a building or a group of building. Some intercom communication service providers offer this facility to company clients for in-house calls, which allows users to dial an extension within the office similar to a regular call. You can use this feature for quick conversations between colleagues, control access to special areas of the building, to announce arrival of visitors or ping specific people at the other end. Intercom calls are usually free and do not incur any charges from the service provider.

Another use of intercom system is for internal security. Intercom devices, such as a talkback or a door phone, is also used within a building. These are two-way communication electronic devices that contain circuitry for the purpose of transmitting audio and/or video transmissions to help authorize an access. The system allows for voice communication between two or more locations for security purposes.

Security intercom systems, which may include an automated door opening device and a motion detector, are often used between a locked building entrance and a constantly traffic area in the building. A simple security intercom system consists of one “master station” and one “sub-station.” The master station is typically situated at the point inside the building where communications is to be received. The sub-station is typically located at the point where the communication is to be originated.

Should You Integrate Your Office Security?

Another issue that every business owner face is the question of whether or not they should integrate their different security systems into one central security network, and unfortunately, this often gets ignored well until a breach takes place that compromises the company.

In today’s environment, it’s important to make sure that you cover as much ground as possible to make your business as foolproof as possible, and this means combining different security systems in your office into one large, central network.

This is what is known as “system integration”, where multi-layered systems are combined and integrated into a more comprehensive solution to maximize security. This allows you to streamline your company’s security and provide the best safety and protection for both you and your staff.

And while you might think that it can be both difficult and delicate work to combine biometric door security with CCTV, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, this can all be made possible via a professional integrator with the right referrals, experience, and the support in order to continuously provide you with a secure business and a steady future for your company.

Safeguard Your Office with Better Security Systems Today!

It’s not always easy finding the right security company who can offer excellent services and continued maintenance and support, but when you’re working with SecureOffice, you know you’re working with the best.

With several years of experience in the office security industry, our team of specialists comes with the skill and know-how needed to make sure that your business is well-protected with the best and latest technology currently in the market.

And because we believe in offering only the best services possible, we also offer system integration services to combine your door access system and your security camera system into a comprehensive, all-around network that offers the best of both worlds.

So what are you waiting for? Protect your assets with SecureOffice today!