Best Intercom with Phone and Door Access Integration

Best Intercom with Phone and Door Access Integration

  • by j2editor
  • October 16, 2018

Security in the business, personal, financial, and physical aspects of our life should obviously be considered a top priority. But more than that, how can we maximize that security for more convenience? That’s where the Intercom comes in. With an Intercom device, you won’t need to worry about opening the door yourself to find out who’s outside. The person by the door can easily connect to you through the IP Phone.

What is an IP Phone?

To make everything understandable, you have to first know what an IP Phone is. A VoIP phone or IP phone uses voice over internet protocol technologies to place and transmit calls over a network, typically the Internet, instead of a standard telephone line. Basically, this allows you to communicate with more people and with much more ease. It can also be used, as said earlier, in connection with a door access system.

Let’s say for example that you’re just standing outside by the door waiting on an errand. Imagine how time-saving it would be if you could connect with the person inside simply through the IP Phone.

The Convenience of Intercom with a VoIP Phone System

For one, intercom systems are used for easy communication in your business, from paging employees to declaring important announcements. Combined with a VoIP phone system, it makes it easy to find an employee quickly, which can be very beneficial in situations where time is restricted. Another advantage of a VoIP Phone is that you cut the cost on phone lines you won’t use. Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP Phone systems allow you to add a new line when you get a new employee and when one leaves, you can reassign the line or get rid of it completely without worrying about spending any money.

An Intercom integrated into a VoIP Phone System can also increase overall security. Trespassers will have difficulty entering as intercom systems usually require anyone who enters to identify themselves. Additionally, with a VoIP, you have the ability to unlock the door using the telephone from the inside.

Fanvil Intercom

Fanvil is easily becoming a leading manufacturer of IP and video systems through their innovative products. The Fanvil Intercom with Door Access Control, for example, is one that sports great compatibility and multi-functional integration. It provides for two-way communication and allows for door access control, both are very practical for businesses today. Businesses anywhere in Singapore that need highly efficient IPs and door access systems, turn to Fanvil Intercom.