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Boost Company Productivity with CCTV

While it is a known fact that CCTV systems deter crime inside and outside the office premises, many business owners do not realize the many other benefits of surveillance cameras has to offer in terms of workplace productivity.

If you want to protect your property and monitor your employees at the same time, CCTV systems offer an easy way to do just that. Below are the reasons how CCTV cameras are a great way to boost employee productivity and your company’s profitability.

Efficient Time Management

CCTV cameras around the office can boost productivity. Video footages of things like employees’ computer usage can help business owners and managers migrate the time of employees spent on non-work related internet browsing and messaging to more productive use. If monitoring reveals that employees are often using Facebook or shopping online during work hours, the management can ban these sites on a certain period of time during the day. If employees cannot access these leisurely sites during work time, they have no other choice than to do their tasks.

Loss Prevention

Business owners can protect their assets through surveillance cameras. From minor theft, such as an employee slipping a box of stapler pin into his bag; to more critical incidents, such as a worker stealing cash or selling proprietary information to a competitor, CCTV cameras boosts employers’ ability to guard their assets.

Better Employee Performance

Setting up CCTV cameras and letting your employees know that there are surveillance cameras around helps a lot in making sure that they perform their duties well. While informing your employees that they are monitored sounds counterintuitive if you are trying to catch misbehaviours, it actually provides employees a chance to be more productive and responsible in the office. Knowing that they are constantly monitored by their employer encourages them to perform better and improve their performance to avoid unpleasant confrontations.

Deter Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is a major threat to your workers’ health, stability and safety. If you leave this aspect unchecked, it can cause reduced productivity, low morale, increased absenteeism and high personnel turnover. With the presence of a reliable CCTV system, your employees feel more secure knowing that in case of incidents, everything is recorded and perpetrators will be dealt with accordingly and immediately.

Monitor Assets and Equipment

Employees who are constantly monitored are more accountable for their performances and actions. Theft is a major crime, and internal theft is one of the major causes of loss for companies. Moreover, if you are able to monitor your assets, including your office equipment, you can immediately detect those that need repair or have to be replaced. This way, no time is wasted and your employees are motivated to do their job and finish them on time when they are provided with fully functional computers and other office equipment.

Hire Less Personnel

Since employers, managers and supervisors cannot be everywhere at once, having a CCTV system in place let’s them monitor everything happening in every room in the office. Especially after work hours, there’s no need to hire more staff, such as security guards, in every part of the building to help monitor the office. In return, better productivity as lesser manpower is needed.

Encourage Employees to Behave Well

As mentioned, being monitored encourages good behaviour. A CCTV system is an excellent tool to deter against inappropriate behaviour inside your company. The presence of CCTV cameras lets your workers know that they are monitored and that they should carry themselves professionally.

Better Customer Experience

Especially for business establishments like retail shops and shopping malls, a CCTV system will give that sense of security to customers. This peace of mind that customers experience gives more comfortable and safe shopping experience. Moreover, your CCTV cameras can help you study customer shopping habits. This will help you make smart decisions that can improve product optimization and placement according to your store’s traffic patterns, which in return improves customer satisfaction.

Although it is important to realize that not everyone in your office feels comfortable being watched over constantly, the pros of installing a CCTV system outweigh its cons. If you are serious about boosting your company’s overall productivity, as well as the security and safety of your workplace, then we suggest getting a CCTV system and take the time to choose the right one for your needs.


*This list is compiled in no particular order.*