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High Definition Office CCTV with IP Camera

Monitor your office with IP Camera CCTV that comes with Microphone and Mobile App

A CCTV solution will record any suspicious activities that may happen in your home, office or building. Our high-definition CCTV cameras will keep a keen eye on your property 24/7, serving both as prevention and a reliable way to capture criminals and malicious activities committed against you. All our CCTVs are now equipped with Mobile Viewing app to view your CCTV footage from anywhere in the world.


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SecureOffice offers a wide selection of CCTV systems and IP cameras designed for security purposes in a variety of residential and commercial environment.

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Get the peace of mind you deserve by knowing that your place of business is safe from theft and intruders with our state-of-the-art security cameras and surveillance systems.

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Access and view your CCTV anytime, anywhere by installing our application to your smartphone. Monitor and record footages from your CCTV cameras even when you are away from the office.

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We are your one-stop shop for innovative security systems and professional consultation. No matter the size of your office, we have the best technicians to help you get the right security system package for your business.

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Everything You Need to Know About CCTV and on What’s New

Your business isn’t just a source of revenue for you and your employees. It’s also a valuable asset where so much time and effort are invested, which gives more reason why you need to protect it as much as you can.

What’s the Best Way to Protect and Watch Over Your Property?

Padlocks and deadbolts aren’t the only way to keep an office secure, and in many ways, padlocks and deadbolts can even be broken or bypassed. To get the best security for your office, you don’t just want a facial recognition door access or a motion sensor installed in the premise – you also want to be able to monitor your property even outside of office hours via a mobile app to view video feed in real-time. These are made possible by having a quality CCTV system.

But what exactly is CCTV, and how does it work?

How Does a CCTV System Work?

CCTV stands for “closed circuit television”, which is a type of system that essentially connects one or more video cameras to a central computer that displays and stores the footage.

There are four components in a CCTV system: the night vision camera, the lens, the monitor, and the recorder. The camera is the part responsible for the actual recording of the video footage, which is then sent to the monitor and recorded on tape or a disc.

But with more recent advancements in processors and storage space in computers, the good news is that the data can now be stored in a computer’s internal hard drive.

The Benefits of Having Office CCTV

The biggest benefit of having office security cameras is having an active monitoring of your office every hour of the day, especially outside of office hours. But other than active monitoring, there are other benefits an analog camera can give you as well, like the following:

  • Better insurance ratesBy deterring criminal activity in your office with a high resolution camera, you not only reduce the total insurance costs for your company, but you also become a less likely target.

  • Better, cost-effective securityHaving your office footage recorded in a CCTV system is a great, cost-effective form of office security that’s not just easy to maintain, but also needs very little reparation once it’s been installed.

  • Peace of mindWith a CCTV system and a reliable infrared motion detector, better security and lowered overall risk for your business gives you reassurance that your company is always safe from burglars and any unauthorized activities. And because many models are now wireless, you can check in your office at the touch of a button anytime, anywhere.

The Problems You’ll Face with Traditional CCTV

It’s best not just to make sure you have a great system monitoring your office for you even outside of working hours, but also to have the best camera features that allows you to have the needed evidence in the case of a security breach.

However, this in fact, with traditional indoor and outdoor CCTV, you’ll often encounter the following problems which can pose a challenge to your business’s security:

  • Low-resolution footage Having low-resolution footage can make it difficult to recognize and catch criminals.

  • Low data storageHigh quality footage can take up a lot of space in an NVR video recording storage, but when your camera system has a low data storage capacity, you may not be able to capture HD footages and save them to your drive.

  • Poor quality camerasCheap cameras may seem like a good stop-gap measure at first, but they’re less likely to support high definition streaming and record reliable video footage, and are also more likely to break down or need more maintenance. You will also need to spend more money to upgrade them later on.

  • Poor connectionMany cameras need to be attached to two wires: one in order to transmit data and another to connect to a power supply, and not having the right cable length for either can compromise the system as a whole.

  • Improper power supplyHardware needs to have the proper type of power supply in order to work properly. But with an inadequate power supply,

  • No audioOne of the biggest setbacks of traditional video surveillance system is that it can only capture video footage without the audio, which can be really important in keeping your office safe in the case of a security breach.

What’s in an IP Camera?

Because CCTV cameras can come with many problems, you might think that analog cameras record to DVR storage may not be really worth the initial expense. But the good news is that there is a way you can get more for your money when it comes to your business’s security – and this is where the IP camera comes in.

An IP camera is a huge improvement over the standard CCTV camera system in many areas. For instance, unlike standard CCTV cameras, they only need one wire (a PTE cable, or “power-to-Ethernet” cable) that can transmit data and supply power to the device.

IP cameras also have a much higher storage capacity and a higher quality lens, which allows them to do to thing better than your typical security camera: they can capture higher quality footage for a longer duration, and they can do it from a longer distance.

And with some camera systems, you don’t even need a wire at all. IP cameras are also capable of transmitting data wirelessly to a dedicated router, and this makes it both easy to install anywhere within your office.

Keep an Eye on Your Office Anytime, Anywhere

Perhaps the best feature you can get from an IP camera system is not the solid upgrade from your standard security camera set, but the app that lets you check in on your entire camera system from your mobile devices, making it really easy for you to view security footage from your home or while you’re on a business trip or on vacation.

Install an IP Camera System with SecureOffice!

The best way to protect your business is by investing in the right security system that allows you to monitor your office even outside of office hours, and getting the right system starts with SecureOffice.

We at SecureOffice believe that having the right security measures to protect your business is essential, whether it’s to watch your inventory or protect your employees from any potential intruders.

Aside from offering only the best security systems for your workspace, we also have a team of experts who can offer installation, repair, and maintenance services to make sure your security system is doing its best to keep you safe and secure.

Additionally, we can even offer system integration services to combine your door security with your security camera system into one fully-integrated solution that takes the best parts of both high-quality door access and IP CCTV.

So what are you waiting for? Install an IP camera system with SecureOffice today!