Time Management and Attendance Tracking System

Time Management and Attendance Tracking System

  • by j2editor
  • October 16, 2018

Time and attendance systems are just as important and beneficial for a workplace as security cameras. With Secure Office’s time and attendance system, you will be able to check your employees’ attendance with relative ease. It can also help get rid of problems like buddy card punching, which many companies still deal with today. Looking for any more reasons to have a time attendance tracking system with Secure Office? Here are some others:


The time attendance system includes time-tracking features to accurately monitor and verify employees’ regular attendance and punctuality, whether they come on time or are late for the day. In addition to that, the system’s reporting features can also be used to automatically count the number of overtime hours an employee has taken. This will be of great help for both the employer and employee in determining any incidents related to attendance.

Eliminate time theft

To eliminate any chances of time theft and buddy punching, having an effective and accurate time and attendance system will be a good solution.  Time theft occurs when an employee accepts pay for work that he/she has not actually done. Buddy punching, on the other hand, occurs when an employee asks another employee to clock in for them. These problems cost companies a lot not only financially but also in relation to trust between employer and employee. Hence, time attendance systems can have an effect on overall functionality.

Payroll system accuracy

Through the data gathered in the time attendance system, there will be a significant reduction in the time spent on calculating employee payroll. It also removes the likelihood of inaccurate payroll calculations which might even end up as a boost in employee productivity as a result of the system being a reliable medium for calculating pay. Having a time and attendance system with Secure Office, then, is very much a dependable and time-saving investment.

Installation of time attendance thumbprint hardware and software service

Secure Office also offers installation services for time and attendance systems using thumbprint software and hardware. It can be used reliably for tracking of attendance and to monitor and verify if the employee really turned up for the day or not simply because a thumbprint is required. Not only will this be helpful for identifying absences or tardiness in employees, but also for overall security. Employing time attendance thumbprint hardware and software ensures safety against unauthorized entry.