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Where to Install CCTV in Your Office

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to secure your employees, clients and of course your assets. Surveillance cameras and CCTV system are great solutions to prevent unfortunate incidents and catch perpetrators right away in case of a crime.

If you are looking into installation of security cameras around your company, make sure to pick out the right areas to have your cameras set up. Here’s how you should pick the areas and some of the best places we suggest to install your surveillance cameras.

How to Choose the Best Places for CCTV Cameras?

A clear footage or image is greatly helpful in identifying person(s) involved in any incident. To achieve this, you should strategically place your cameras in areas where you think incidents may highly happen.

  • On static points, the cameras should be set-up a bit closer to the object, so it can capture identifiable and clear images in case anyone gets near the object.
  • On wider locations where your purpose is to monitor activities, install the cameras on areas where it can capture wider angles.

Best Locations to Install CCTV Cameras

  1. At the gates and reception area

In your establishment, you would want to know who and when someone comes and go. Other than your employees, you would also want to monitor the guests visiting your premises. So, it is a good idea to install a CCTV camera at the entry and exit gates and main doors of your office. If you have entry and exit way in other areas of your establishment, such as the basement and roof top, then have these areas covered as well.

  1. In the work area

We’re not saying install multiple cameras to record each and everyone’s move in the office. However, if you want to monitor your employee’s work ethics, then a CCTV camera is a great solution for that. Choose a corner location as it can capture most of the work space, and it will not violate the privacy of every individual as well. If you have CCTV in the office, chances are, your employees are encouraged to behave and do their job well. Since they are aware that they are monitored, they will be more productive, finish their tasks on time and will no longer need to stay longer in the office.

  1. In the assets room

Whether it is a tech room where you store your expensive equipment, a warehouse for storing your retail stocks or a document room where all your confidential files are stored, make sure you can capture every activity in this area. Install multiple cameras in this location if necessary to ensure there are no blind spots. Setting up cameras in areas where you store your company’s assets, confidential files and even office supplies may reveal cases of internal theft could be otherwise go unnoticed.

  1. In the refreshment area

When installing CCTV for monitoring purposes, it’s a good idea to install a camera in the break-time area as well. This is one of the key locations because many times employees come in to work at the right time but instead of working, they go here to play games instead. It’s not that you are not allowing your employees to use the refreshment area; you just want to encourage them to use the place when they really need a break.

  1. Areas of monetary transactions

Any place in the office where money is involved in transactions should have security cameras installed. These places include the cash register area for retail stores, teller stations for banks and other transaction points in your premise. Take note to mount the cameras low enough to be able to see people’s faces. You might even want to consider setting up a small camera at the counter area, near the cash register, so you can see faces even those wearing hats and hooded jackets.

In addition to these key locations, it is essential to choose great quality CCTV cameras and a reputable technician to install your office CCTV system. Choosing quality cameras with HD resolutions, send intruder alerts, cloud storage, rain or shine functionality and 100% wireless will provide you with best results when it comes to securing your company and deterring theft and other crime inside your office.